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The Nailsea Tithe Barn Trust was formed in 2006. It became a registered charity with the aim to: 'save, repair, refurbish the Tithe Barn and to make it available for use by groups within the local community who are seeking to provide educational, social, spiritual and recreational services for the benefit of the residents of Nailsea'.

The first stage of this bold vision was brought to fruition in June 2011 when the Tithe Barn was officially opened to the delight and pride of the many people who had devoted time, energy and commitment to the project.


Cllr Liz Frappell presents David Francis with a Nailsea glass plate at the Tithe Barn opening on 18th June 2011 (© Jane Kington).

Alison Boddy, former Trustee, in character as Hannah More at the opening ceremony (© Jane Kington).


Nailsea Tithe Barn is a unique place, fully refurbished and developed as a community facility in 2011 at a total cost of around £1.3m.  It is beautiful, and our vision is that the barn serve as an anchor in a modern, changing town, and as place where the community can come together to share special occasions and offer support to one another.  Having achieved the refurbishment, the Trust reformed to focus on the develping activities to promote the use of the barn, and it has established a partnership agreement and joint management committee with Nailsea Town Council, who legally own the Tithe Barn.

In September 2011, the focus of the Trust changed to reflect the second phase in the development of the Tithe Barn.  The Trust became a Charitable Incorpoated Organisation (CIO), re-registering with the Charity Commission in November 2013.  (Reg. number 1154686)  

As a CIO we have four purposes:

  1. Promote social contact and reduce isolation by developing the potiential and the facilities of the Barn through, for example, a wide range of musical events, community cinema, art exhibitions and local theatre. 
  2. Promote the heritage of Nailsea Tithe Barn in the context of the local area and the barn's unique history, for example, through oral history projects.  
  3. Promote education related to the Tithe Barn and local history, for example, through weekly school visits to the barn.  
  4. Meet local social need, either directly, or by working in partnership with and supporting other organisations through, for example, the weekly Leg Club, and monthly dementia projects (Music and Memories and the Dementia Café).

The Trustees, working in co-operation with the Town Council, who deal with the daily management and booking at the Tithe Barn, continue to pursue the vision of making the Tithe Barn a thriving venue for the whole community of Nailsea. Come and visit the Tithe Barn. You'll be very welcome!

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