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The Education Team at the barn have devised a number of 'experience' days which link specifically to KS2 National Curriculum topics or as a Local History Study.

  • Tudor Experience
  • Victorian School Experience
  • Evacuee Experience

We also offer a workshop session on Chronology - Nailsea Through Time which covers a range of periods from 1480.  We can also work with you to create bespoke visits on request.

The Education Team

Headed by Dr Jo Edwards, the Education team are a group of qualified teachers and heritage enthusiasts.

Together we create, teach and manage interactive learning experiences for schools.

We love to do things differently... and we love to learn.



Tudor Experience

Our Tudor Experience is suitable for year groups Year 2+.

Workshops include:

Nailsea in Tudor Times

Artifacts as Primary sources

Tudor Documents and Writing

Tudor Plays and Communications

Tudor Games and Jousting!


Victorian School Experience

Our Victorian School experience is suitable for year groups Year 1+.

Content is differentiated for KS1 and 2.

Workshops include:

Victorian School Writing lesson with pen and ink

Victorian School Arithmetic lesson

Victorian Artifacts as Primary sources

Victorian School Registers as Primary sources

Victorian Toys and Games

Exploring the Victorian Empire via its products


Evacuee Experience

Our Evacuee Experience is suitable for year groups Year 3+.

Workshops include;

Wartime Nailsea (mapwork)

Wartime Artifacts as Primary sources

Writing a Letter Home

Rationing and Wartime cooking 

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